Single Title Album Date Released

"All Time Low"

The Wanted 25 July 2010
"Heart Vacancy" The Wanted 17 October 2010
"Lose My Mind" The Wanted 26 December 2010
"Gold Forever" Battleground 13 March 2011
"Glad You Came"


The Wanted: The EP

Word Of Mouth (US Version)

10 July 2011
"Lightning" Battleground 14 October 2011
"Warzone" Battleground 23 December 2011
"Chasing The Sun"

The Wanted: The EP

Word Of Mouth

17 April 2012
"I Found You" Word Of Mouth 4 November 2012
"Walks Like Rihanna" Word Of Mouth 10 May 2013
"We Own The Night" Word Of Mouth 11 August 2013
"Show Me Love (America)" Word Of Mouth 25 October 2013

So far in The Wanted's career, Tom, Siva, Max, Nathan and Jay have released a total of 12 singles.

They are:

  1. All Time Low,
  1. Heart Vacancy,
  1. Lose My Mind,
  1. Gold Forever,
  1. Glad You Came,
  1. Lightning,
  1. Warzone,
  1. Chasing The Sun,
  1. I Found You,
  1. Walks Like Rihanna,
  1. We Own The Night, and
  1. Show Me Love (America).

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